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Board Meeting Blog

How to Store Your Inflatable for a Long Sleep.

Whether you're tucking your inflatable away for the winter, or just a break, here are some tricks to keeping it fresh and strong for years to come.

"It’s time for winter hibernation and if you’re not willing to throw on your drysuit and paddle surf the waves of Tofino during a snowstorm, we don’t blame you. Here’s the best way to tuck your board or dock in for a long sound sleep."


When is the Best Time to Invest in Outdoor Recreation Goods?

The times have changed - here's how to make sure you don't miss any sunny summer adventures.

"Paddleboarding and winter just don’t feel… right. Here’s why that’s wrong. Frankly, the global shipping market is a mess. Thanks COVID. During the 2021 season, countless outdoor recreation sports companies struggled to stay alive, but not because everyone and their new puppy weren’t trying to get outdoors."

Inflatable VS. Rigid.

An epic battle of the boards. We'll leave it up to you to decide.

"Why does it seem like EVERYONE is on team inflatable these days? We wanted to lay out some of the reasons Canadians are falling in love with their new style of paddling, and why some.. may not. The next time you're at your local surf shack, you can really talk the talk."



Take Them To Tahoe

The first of many documented adventures. We'll test out the waters, but next time, you're coming.

"Ever scour the gram to find yourself drooling over crystal clear waters? Is your Pinterest board plastered with what seem like dream getaways? Does it feel ever-too-far away while you're sitting at your desk? Here's the thing. It's not. "

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