How to Store Your Inflatable for a Long Sleep

The lakes are freezing over and you’re trading warm sand for toques and vibrant leaf piles. Your lonely paddleboard is now covered in a layer of dust, or maybe it’s tucked in it’s iSUP bag with that wet bathing suit you forgot to take out.. Hey, you’re not the only one.

It’s time for winter hibernation and if you’re not willing to throw on your drysuit and paddle surf the waves of Tofino during a snowstorm, we don’t blame you. Here’s the best way to tuck your inflatable board or dock in for a long sound sleep. 

  1. Deflate & give it a good wipe down! This is especially important if you paddle in saltwater, as a fresh water rinse will ensure your board’s vibrancy doesn’t become corroded. 

  2. Dry it out. Nothing can ruin a great first spring paddle like unpacking your board to find it’s become a long-term home for mold. Let’s keep your SUP bag clean and fresh, and let your hockey bag be the only nose-pinching zone in your basement.

  3. Quick inventory check. Did you just remember how you couldn’t find your fin screw the last time you took your board out? The last thing you’ll want to do when that sweet spring sunshine peeks through for the first time next year, is wait on your replacement shipment. All your necessary accessories are available for shipping right away. Order them now to hit the water sooner. Use the promo code “FALLACCESSORIES” at the checkout for 10% OFF any accessories on your checklist.

  4. Store anywhere dry! Your board or dock can be stored anywhere that’s most convenient for you. It does not need to be kept warm but it DOES need to be kept dry. Remember that paddleboards are hot commodities, so ensure you keep it somewhere safe and out of sight for ...wandering eyes. 

  5. Wake up slowly! A few months of sleeping makes anyone drowsy! Your board or dock was designed to have seams that last. This means they’re taped, sown, and glued at the edges, but like any adhesive, the cold can make them stiff. Let your board or dock warm up to room temperature before you inflate it for the first time next spring so your steams stay elastic and strong! 

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