When is the Best Time to Invest in Outdoor Recreation Goods?

When is the Best Time to Invest in Outdoor Recreation Goods? - Canadian Board Company

Paddleboarding and winter just don’t feel… right. Here’s why, all of a sudden, that’s wrong. 

Frankly, the global shipping market is a mess. Thanks COVID. During the 2021 season, countless outdoor recreation sports companies struggled to stay alive, but not because everyone and their new puppy weren’t trying to get outdoors. In fact, demand for the activities that allowed us to take a communal breath from your make-shift home office, chaotic hospital floor, or not-so-soothing homeschooling venture, was at an all time high. We were THRILLED. Everyone was happy and willing to share the wave… but what no one expected was the total failure of the global shipping industry. For a whole list of reasons, buying a new bike or board proved more difficult than teaching your kid calculus. 

You might be hearing the cautionary tales from your local news outlet, warning folks to expect slim pickings for the holidays. Or perhaps you got hit hard with delivery dates being pushed back again, and again, and again. Like you, we experienced some… frustration. With a short summer season, every warm sunny morning counts. We sought out to do some research and found a whole world of chaos. 

Unfortunately, it’s not going away, at least not yet. Waiting for warm weather might leave you couch bound all summer long… again. No matter what crazy, relaxing, or adventurous activity you have on your sun-kissed bucket list, the winter months just became your shopping wonderland. Better prices, more supply, no sunshine gone unused. 

Take a look at some of Canada’s most hard-to-get boards - and we’ll make sure your 60 Day Rider’s Guarantee, and Warranty don’t start until May 1st, 2022. Make sure to look out for boards that are already in stock by noting the shipping date! Our small team is jumping through any hoops that’ll make sure you still have the best boards in a reasonable amount of time!

If you feel like joining us down the rabbit hole, here are some insightful articles to get you started!

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