Want to join the Canadian Board Co. Crew?

Take a look below at our Canadian Board Company Ambassador program! Live the CBC life. We love new friends.


Consider it a welcome home gift.
Shiny new swag for our newest crew member.


Ships don't sail themselves. We work as a team to conquer fun challenges, local meetups in your city, and new friends!


You will receive killer discounts, and earn cash when referring others to hop on "board".

Before we get started, let us introduce ourselves!

The Canadian Board Company is a small team of local rec enthusiasts. Weā€™re stoked to call the sunny Okanagan our playground and weā€™re absolutely nutty, totally consumed, and forever pumped for surfing, boarding, skiing, paddling, skating, you name it. When weā€™re not jumping out of helicopters or getting sunburnt surfing the endless wake, we simply couldnā€™t see ourselves doing anything as authentically as providing Canadians with the best toys to play with.

Our mission is to provide top-notch service, with undeniable quality, to EVERYONE. Whether folks are seasoned professionals, or dipping their toes in for the very first time, we believe in treating our customers like family. To us, this means being kind, being polite, and being inclusive. Itā€™s incredibly important that, as an ambassador, you share in this mission and we share in yours! Thatā€™s why we want to hear a little bit about you too. So go digging for your heart strings, we want to know what youā€™re really about.

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