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Take Them to Tahoe! - Canadian Board Company

We're team inflatable. And not just because. There are so many reasons why after years on the water, inflatables take the cake, every time. This is one of them.

Ever scour the gram to find yourself drooling over crystal clear waters? Is your Pinterest board plastered with what seem like dream getaways? Does it feel ever-too-far away while you're sitting at your desk? Here's the thing. It's not. 

If your dream destination is a few too many hours away, don't worry. Inflatable products are built for versatility. Airports are no exception. The next time you find yourself booking that tropical trip away, or even a weekend commitment with your favorite pals, bring your board! Inflatables are travel friendly, airport easy, and an uber breeze. We love our local Canadian digs, but sometimes we venture across borders because… well… we can, and so can you! Send us the dream paddle paradise in your neighborhood. We'd love to stop by. 

We spent a day at Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada, you know the place. Insanely gorgeous, a little cold, totally serene. And it was easy. Grab your board, and give it a go - we'll help.

Walk the walk.

We packed the essentials. Snacks mostly. Bring your dirty shoes, they're going to stay that way. You want an iSUP bag with wheels, it's an absolute must. Any paddleboard from the United Board House comes fully equipped with high-endurance off trail wheels, but if your board sports a backpack bag only, we've got you covered! Grab a Voltsurf or POP iSUP bag capable of fitting up to 11'6" board! It also has room for extras. Hence... snacks.

Soak it in.

Inflate your board wherever you hit the water. No electric pump necessary. Leave your iSUP bag on shore, or tuck it under your bungee straps for safekeeping and not so sharp navigation. Here's the thing about you and your water adventures. They're limitless. Lake Tahoe is almost 22 miles long. You don't need a cabin on the shore, you don't need a group of people to split a boat rental, you don't need a truck or a utility vehicle. Just a little bit of that hunger for adventure. Lake Tahoe is highly recommended for those of you looking for a relaxing escape. The water is crystal clear and filled with lake floor scenery. It's calm enough for a sturdy yoga session and some much needed down time, but get rowdy, if that's what your weekend calls for!

Grab your water bottle, perhaps a waterproof speaker, and sunscreen. It's time to embark on the trek to North America's largest alpine lake. 

Grab your ride or die, your PFD, and clear your Saturday afternoon. Tag us in your Lake Tahoe pics to join the family album! 

Make a plan.

Need directions? Take me to Lake Tahoe!

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