Phix Doctor Rapid Repair Putty

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New rapid repair instant mix and fix ding putty is the perfect remedy to fix those unexpected dings, and is suitable for both epoxy and poly boards. With instant drylock technology, and the ability to cure under the water whilst surfing, this is the perfect product to fix your board whilst on the go. Its compact size also makes it perfect to take travelling.

Rapid Repair Ding Putty Key Features:

    • Repairs both Epoxy and Poly surfboards
    • Instant Dry Lock Technology
    • Cures Underwater while you surf*
    • Instant mix and fix
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Deep Diving into the Details


There are so many different styles of paddleboarding, and so, there are many fins to accomodate. Finding the right fin for your board can make a huge difference in your ride. All Canadian Board Co boards are equipped with a universal fin box. That means you can easily switch out your fin to tackle a different riding style.


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Don't let the little things get you down. Lost your fin & screw set and now you're struggling to ride your board without a fin altogether? We've got you. Grab a quick and easy replacement fin & screw set that's compatible with any universal fin system.


Don't let inconvenience get in the way. Your travel bag should be built for big adventures on easy mode. That's why we carry high quality, stop-rip travel bags, fully equipped with all-terrain wheels, and extra space for easy packing.