Locals Lover Surfboard

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Performance shortboard for intermediate riders. Developed in the soft peeling breaks of California, it thrives in small to average surf. This board lives to beat the section, and taunt the wave with a visceral cut back. This is an ideal board for riders transitioning from a foamy or everyday surfers seeking the lofty and durable benefits of epoxy.


Sizing Chart:

5'10" x 2.6" x 20"

Max Rider Weight: 165lbs

Board Weight: 8.5lbs

Board Volume: 33.4 Liters


6'0" x 2.6" x 20.4"

Max Rider Weight: 200lbs

Board Weight: 9lbs

Board Volume: 36.3 Liters

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What’s Included With Your Purchase:

 Local Lovers Shortboard Surfboard

 4+1 Thruster Fins

 Unlimited Customer Support

 3 Year Board Warranty


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