Dolphin II Electric Pump

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Let the Dolphin II Electric Pump be your ultimate companion on your paddleboarding adventures! This high-quality, small electric pump features a convenient digital display, making inflation a breeze. Take the risk and go further, faster with the Dolphin II! This pump will also work with all other inflatables!
  • Small, Lightweight But Faster
  • Inflate 10 SUP in a row
  • Smart Sup Pump With Auto-Off Function 
  • Digital Display With Real Time Pressure Monitoring
  • 12V Dc Car Connector & Full Set Nozzles Attachments
  • Carry Handle & Shock Resistant Feet
  • Eco-Friendly & Test-Approved
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    Automatic Convenience

    With a powerful electric motor, your pump kicks into high-gear to quickly and efficiently inflate your high-pressure inflatable, saving you time and energy. Its user-friendly interface allows you to set the desired pressure, and it automatically stops when your board or dock is perfectly inflated, preventing over-inflation and ensuring optimal performance on the water.

    More for Less

    With an active cooling system, you can effortlessly inflate up to 3 inflatable paddleboards, or 2 inflatable docks between resting.