Battle Fish Surfboard

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We paddle out with the Battle Fish. This shortboard's swallow tail and quad fin setup help us shoot through barrels and cutback on a dime, while its greater volume and rounded nose reduce chatter and help us stay in control on heavies. Cheers to surfing the retro way.

Quads (4+1) thruster fin system allows you to adjust your fins to dial in speed, thrust, and maneuverability. This removable system is used by world champions to make adjustments on the go.

Finished with a UV resistant epoxy for more lift, and prevention of chips over multiple seasons.

Sizing Chart:

5'10" x 2.8" x 20"

Max Rider Weight: 180lbs

Board Weight: 9lbs

Board Volume: 39 Liters


6'0" x 2.9" x 20.5"

Max Rider Weight: 225lbs

Board Weight: 9.25lbs

Board Volume: 43 Liters

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What’s Included With Your Purchase:

 UV Resistant Epoxy Construction

 4+1 Quad Thruster Fins for Extreme Lift

 Unlimited Customer Support

 3 Year Board Warranty


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