11' Class Act - Yellow Rail

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Made by popular request! Meet the limited edition 11 foot Class Act. This has the same retro vibe, and clean graphic work that you already love about the Class Act collection, but now... it's available in an 11 foot length! So go ahead, bring your pup, or your partner, because there's room for so much more. 

Voltsurf is known for their High Definintion graphic work. Stay bright out there paddlers. Your riding just got more aesthetic. 

11' x 32' x 6"

Ideal for beginner to intermediate paddlers looking for a balance betwen stability and speed.

Full radical package included.

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Air Ride Construction

Multi-Stage Quality Control

Each individual layer is pressure tested for 24 hours before advancing to next production stage to ensure an impermeable seal on all layers.

Perfect Shape

Precise laser measurements quality control the boards for proper rocker and evenness.

Supreme Rigidity

Constructed with highest tensile strength drop-stitch fibers for supreme rigidity.

Extreme Durability

Reinforced with maximum denier, Military Grade PVC for extreme durability.




Vibrant HD Graphics

Voltsurf HD graphics elevate paddleboarding with stunning, high-definition designs that simply can't be missed. Be bold - go bigger.

High Quality Accessory Package

Stay limitless with the voltsurf package that does it all. Your full kit includes every accessory you need, no matter the journey there.

Adventure Seeking

Crafted for recreational ease, Voltsurf models blend lightweight design with compact portability, ensuring balanced durability on your adventures.

Optimum Speed Universal Fin System

Designed with a single removable universal fin system, this board minimizes drag and enhances glide for recreational and long-distance paddling. It offers easier packing, optional fin sizes, and a longer lifespan than a fixed options. Enjoy your included 8" hard fin to suit most Candian waterways.
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