POPUP DOCK 8’ x 7’ x 8” - Green Program (Repair)

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Looking for the perfect dock at an even better price point? We have extremely limited stock of some factory second, open-box floor models, or slightly used docks that didn't quite live up to our industry leading quality standard. We truly believe that every dock deserves a home and want to ensure we keep products out of the landfill that could be on the water instead! Sadly, many brands throw out all warranty units, even if they have a small cosmetic blemish - instead, we'll put in the work to polish it up, re-package it, and let it be loved at a massive discount.

This dock may exhibit minor visual blemishes on the surface of the digital printed PVC, light previous use, minor excess glue along bonded seams, or other scuffs. Fret not on the durability of this board however, it is built to last just like all our other inflatable paddleboards, and has been quality inspected by yours truly! Check out the pictures for a transparency forward view of any dings & dents to expect.

Issues with this model:

- Small Leak that has been fully repaired and tested. 

- There is some deck pad usage

- Small scuffs on rails and markings due to use.

* All docks have been inflated to 7 PSI and left in shop for 48 hours, then retested. Docks are only sold if they pass our quality test on holding pressure.

* This dock is priced at a final sale, and will not be covered under warranty. Our team is here to assist in any issues you may have from regular use, but will not be replacing, or refunding this item.

Owning your own island now became affordable. The POPUP Dock AKA “The Party Barge,” is a must! From relaxing to raging this multi-use platform is a great addition to anyone’s boat or yacht. Made with the same technology used in our award-winning paddleboards, this product is designed to add a more social environment to your day on the water. The Inflatable Dock is 8′ x 7′ x 8″, 49lbs deflated and hold up to 1,500 lbs inflated. The faux teak traction pad is included, along with 10 stainless steel D-rings along the sides of the dock. Additionally, they come with a dual-action pump & carrying bag.

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Air Ride Construction

Made with the highest strength of drop-stitch fibers, and with a double-layer, double-wall construction, this inflatable dock is the most rigid and durable available today.

Supreme Rigidity

Our docks and planks are best when pumped between 5 and 7 PSI to provide a stiff surface for relaxation or any level of horseplay.

Party Mode

Once you’re done relaxing, turn the dock or plank over for a slip-in-slide or turn it into Party Mode by playing your favorite game!

Your Dock

Your Way


Pop Up Dock

Pumped up to 7PSI, the POP UP dock can accomodate up to 1,500lbs of rider weight! Grab the whole crew - your water adventures just got bigger.

Radical Package

Your POP Up Dock or Plank comes fully equipped with easy to transport and durable accessories. Ditch the mold inducing bag, your carrying straps are easier to use and breathable for a long lasting, fresh, inflatable, with a beautifully simple set up and take down process.

Happy Hour

Flip over your POP Up Dock or Plank for an after hours adult game. If you think getting ping-pong balls into red cups is already fun, why not do it in waist deep water?

Ultimate Weight-Bearing Stability

Want an inflatable dock that can accommodate the whole family? The extra thick POP Up Dock has more volume for rigidity's sake. Pile on, up to 1,500lbs worth. We're not kidding. This is not your average pool floaty - the POP Up Dock was designed for much bigger adventures.

High Quality Accessory Package

Taking the hassle out of transporting your dock. Top notch accessories makes carrying, storing, inflating, and deflating a breeze. Why sqeeze your wet dock into a bag, when carrying straps are SO much easier, and keep your dock breathing for long lasting freshness.

Maximum Space Design

The inflatable dock line was designed with intentional simplicity in mind. Ditch all the space-taking mounts, and toe stubbing plastic. The inflatable dock has comfortable traction for a slip free surface and space for you to enjoy the way you want to.

Customizable Anchoring Attachments

Your POP Up Dock comes with multiple d-ring attachments so you can choose your own anchoring system. Want to tie it to a buoy? Use any of 10 side d-rings. Want to anchor it to the bottom of a lake? Use the 4 bottom d-rings. Looking to extend your swim grid? No problem. Want to free float? Hey, we kept the d-rings off your deck for just that reason. Float your heart out!