Soft Pop - Beginner

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Sale price$1,199.00
Size: 4'3"
Color: Neo Blue

A Kanuk Board Co Burnsy Pro + Velvet Collab


An entry level board for a smoother ride, and big spring, to render a board ideal for learning. With a lightweight and chop resistant flex, this board is an ideal design to learn to control your board in any water conditions. Say hello to your introduction to the world of surf. 

Our Poly-Pop technology uses a polyurethane foam core with a high density foam stringer for lightweight ridged performance. The high density foam stringer allows a subtle flex to the board, acting as a spring for explosive pop. We then encapsulate the entire board in an extremely impact and buckle-resistant double bias fiberglass cloth. To add further strength to dampen chatter caused by bumpy conditions, we added a layer of 2oz. woven fiberglass to the deck.


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