12'0 Americana

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Go the distance with the 12’0 Americana. A lightweight, hydrodynamic board that maximizes every stroke you take. This touring shape is built for speed. It’s the perfect choice for experienced riders interested in competitive and endurance paddling or long-distance rides. Our brand ambassadors put more miles on this board than on their commute to work.

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Rigid Ride Construction

Vice Construction

Vice Construction employs cutting-edge compression molding technology, seamlessly fusing layers of bamboo, fiberglass, and Kevlar under high pressure and bonding them with a resilient epoxy resin, resulting in an exceptionally lightweight and long-lasting board.

Trapper Bungee

Elevate your gear-securing game with our innovative Trapper Bungee system, now a standard feature on all our rigid models. And don't miss the chance to pack your go-to refreshment for an epic day of paddling.

Animal Handle

Experience the distinct advantage of Animal Handles, strategically centered on the board. Crafted for unidirectional ease, these handles impart a sensation of weightlessness when you're transporting your board to and from the water's edge.

360 Diamond Traction

High-performance EVA traction and angled diamond shapes help channel the water off the deck pad and provide a firm and comfortable grip no matter where you stand.

Futures Fin System

Unlock the power of Futures fin configuration, granting you the ability to fine-tune your fins for a customized blend of speed, thrust, and maneuverability. This innovative, removable system has been trusted by world champions for on-the-fly adjustments that propel their performance to new heights.