Meet the Crew

Captain & Gnar Shredder  

Jaeger Johnson

Talk about high energy. Jaeger brings his all whether it's on the slopes or at the warehouse. Truly a master of his trade, Jaeger grew up completely obsessed with board sports of all kinds. While his parents always nervously kept a new helmet nearby, he was developing a love not only for the outdoors but for the culture and community it curated. A few broken bones later and he was able to turn his hobby into a career. It's true what they say, if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life, so I guess you could say Jaeger recently retired. If you've ever had the pleasure of chatting with Jag, you already know how authentically stoked he is to share the wave with those around him. A well known leader, total go-getter, and adrenaline junkie. He's always surrounded by a crew of devoted friends, and leaves no opportunity unturned. Meet our founder, and full time lover of good vibes only.

Quartermaster & Keeper of Memes

Nikita Taylor

Professional jokester somehow obtained through a Mechanical Engineering degree. Nikita was a necessary addition to the team mostly for his beautiful bald head, but his disturbingly large array of skills made him too scary to not to lock down. This photographer, videographer, DJ, mechanic, dirt-biker, tech-god, and knower of all things joined the company in it's infancy... while jumping out of a helicopter...onto a snow blanketed mountain peak, because that's where his hand-shake deals go down. He has no role, because nobody puts Nikita in a box.

First Mate & Fire AUX Handler

Tarryn Monteiro

Tarryn earned her title by spending the last year mostly face-down in the snow with a retro-sled strapped to her feet. While she went hard with her rookie status, her snowboard skills are slowly catching up to her wakesurf abilities but her breakfast game will forever go untouched. She's got a lot of punch packed into a tiny package. As a true momma bear, Tarryn is as good at keeping us hydrated and healthy as she is at sharing the love with our CBC family. That's you, and you're in good (although small) hands.

An effortless connection to the great Canadian outdoors.

This is who we are. The Canadian Board Company.


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